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PODIUM simplifies call tracking on Ethereum. Buy tokens, track caller stats, and view real-time leaderboard


PODIUM is a revolutionary dApp solution designed to simplify call tracking on the Ethereum network. With this platform, users can stay informed about all developments on the Ethereum network in one convenient space. Our dApp features a "Buy" button, enabling users to purchase tokens for projects that callers are promoting. Furthermore, we have created a database consisting of various stats measuring the impact of each call made by every caller on the Ethereum network, and we use this data to provide transparent and reliable information on each caller's history. With this information, we have created a leaderboard featuring all callers on the Ethereum network, so users can see where they rank in real-time


PODIUM's native token, POD, is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. The total supply of POD is limited to 100 million tokens, with no plans for minting additional tokens. POD is used as a utility token, giving users access to the dApp's various features. Furthermore, POD can be used to pay for services within the platform, including premium features and fees associated with the use of the dApp.
Last modified 5mo ago