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Discover the powerful features that make PODIUM the ultimate solution for callers tracking on Ethereum

Call Tracking

PODIUM's call tracking feature enables users to view all calls from over 100 callers on the Ethereum network in one convenient space. This feature streamlines Ethereum's call feature and introduces users to new callers and projects they may not have discovered otherwise. With this feature, users can stay informed about all developments on the Ethereum network, all in one place.
In addition, this feature allows users to view the impact of each caller's call on the project chart in real-time during the first 15 minutes. The real-time stats that can be viewed include:
  • Total volume
  • Total buys
  • Total sells
  • % Price variation
  • Total Xs
Furthermore, users can view the post content, and there are two buttons available, "See Post" and "See Chart". This feature enables users to discover new callers and stay up-to-date on popular projects with just one glance.

Callers Leaderboard

PODIUM's star feature is the caller leaderboard. With this tool, users can find answers to all their questions about their favorite callers or discover new ones. Our database consists of various stats measuring the impact of each call made by every caller on the Ethereum network. This information provides transparent and reliable data on each caller's history. With these parameters, we have created a leaderboard featuring all callers on the Ethereum network, so users can see where they rank in real-time.
The key difference between this feature and the "Calls Tracking" feature is that, thanks to our database, we can store all the information about the different stats of each call made by every caller and we can calculate an average. Based on this average, we can generate the leaderboard. By default, the leaderboard is sorted by the average total volume of each caller. The average stats of each caller that can be viewed on the leaderboard include:
  • Total Volume
  • Total Buys
  • % Price Variation
  • Total Xs
Furthermore, the leaderboard will always display the position in the "Rank" column and the name of each caller in the "Caller" column. With this feature, users can discover the most popular callers in real-time and stay up-to-date on the most interesting projects on the Ethereum network
We will add more information to our dApp based on the feedback we receive from our community.